We can provide a wide range of cable termination and joint systems for power cables from 1kV up to 42kV in either Heat Shrink materials, Cold Shrink or push-on technologies.

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    TPS is a complete MV switchgear range suitable for all the switching operations from 7.2kV to 24kV in the secondary distribution network.
    Operating safely in a distribution network requires different switching points to obtain maximum service continuity in case of fault on the network. TPS can be used in various applications in the secondary distribution network.

    The switchboard is made of a metal structure composed of galvanized steel sheets that are assembled using rivets and bolts. This structure is built to withstand the electrodynamic stresses during the operation. A switch and earthing switch are fixed to this structure. A switch envelope made of epoxy resin makes the isolation possible between the structure and live parts. An operating mechanism, a mechanical position indicator and a voltage indicator are positioned in the front of the unit. The position of the switch is given by the mechanical indicator whereas the voltage signalling lamp indicates the presence of voltage. Visibility of main contacts can be checked through an inspection window positioned above the operating mechanism. In the front of the unit there is a door giving access to different compartments, e.g. cables, fuses and measurement. When the unit is equipped with a low voltage auxiliary compartment it is situated in its upper part.


    • Power supply companies
    • Power stations
    • Cement industry
    • Automotive industry
    • Iron and steel works
    • Windmills
    • Solar plant
    • Textile, paper and food industries
    • Chemical industry
    • Petroleum industry
    • Pipeline installations
    • Offshore installations
    • Electrochemical plants
    • Petrochemical plants
    • Seaport and shipbuilding industry
    • Diesel power plants
    • Emergency power supply installations
    • Traction power supply systems
    • Stadium and sport center
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  • RECLOSER ENTEC 24kV 630A -12.5kA

    Entec’s Single/Three-Phase Solid Automatic Circuit Reclosers(EPRIS/EPR-1, EPR-2, EPR-3) are designed for the application in overhead line and substation for voltage classes up to 15kV, 27kV, and 38kV.

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  • OPzV Tubular VRLA Battery

    OPzV Series Tubular Positive Battery OPzV Series is advanced GEL Battery which features long design life of 20~22 years with tubular positive plate and Gel electrolyte. Some of applications require high capacity backup solutions in unstable or off-grid environments, where frequent power outages put a heavy demand on batteries. UKB´s OPzV tubular gel batteries deliver high capacity reserve power and deep cycle performance. A long service life of 20-22 years at 20ºC (68ºF) can reduce your maintenance fees and operating costs, and the high capacities give you more options to meet your energy needs.

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  • OPzS Battery

    OPzS flooded tubular single cells is a traditional design complies with International standards. UKB’s OPzS battery manufactured with die cast tubular grids and optimised pasted negative plates. These batteries are requires low maintenance, long life service and excellent capacity performance for operating high temperature and can provide a premium efficient and cost effective energy solution.This battery is tubular type in which the active material is packed into parallel microporous tubes containing a central lead-antimony alloy spine. This construction gives high active material efficiency and long cycle life. Vented Tubular Stationary Battery life design is 15 years.

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  • NI-CD Battery

    Steel pocket plate structure does not suffer from sudden death or internal corrosion since there is no interaction between the active material and the electrolyte Tough polypropylene casing ensures structural integrity throughout a long life. Specially designed flame arresting flip top vent ensures the battery does not produce corrosive emissions.

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  • LBS ( Load Break Switch) SEL PLS

    PLS is an SF6-insulated pole mounted switch disconnector designed for overhead line installations up to 40.5kV 630A/1250A.


    Power supply companies.

    Power stations.

    Cement industry.

    Automotive industry.

    Iron and steel works.


    Mining industry.

    Textile, paper and food industries.

    Chemical industry.

    Petroleum industry.

    Pipeline installations.

    Offshore installations.

    Electrochemical plants.

    Petrochemical plants.

    Shipbuilding industry.

    Diesel power plants.

    Emergency power supply installations.

    Lignite open-castmines.

    Traction power supply systems.

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  • FT seris Front Terminal Battery

    Front Terminal batteries built with the same maintenance free AGM technology as our standard AGM deep cycle batteries.Front Terminal series batteries are designed with a narrow profile and front mounted terminals allowing them to fit into compact spaces that standard batteries cannot.In addition, our front terminal batteries can be layed flat and placed in non ventilated areas, providing an even greater amount of options for fitting your batteries.

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  • Cast Resin Transformer KP

    The cast coil with Epoxy resin with the high electrical and mechanical strength is manufactured in a robust structure against an electro-mechanical force occurring during short circuit, external impacts, and abnormal vibrations.

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  • Carbon-Enhanced VRLA Batteries

    Adding carbon to a VRLA battery improves its performance and cycle lifetime compared to conventional VRLA technology, which cycle at a high electrical current while remaining in a partially state of charge operation (PSoC), Improve charge acceptance ability and Reduce the negative plate sulfation.

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